Green Valley Creek

Green Valley Creek – Forestville, CA

Green Valley Creek topo map
Green Valley Creek watershed. Click to enlarge.

CCWI is supporting concerned citizens in the Atascadero Green Valley Creek watershed in conducting citizen monitoring on Green Valley and Purrington Creeks. CCWI is performing research, testing and education on Green Valley Creek, a tributary of the Russian River. The focus of this project is to identify pollution sources and problems in water quality, and use data collected to develop fact sheets and educational materials.

Baseline data was collected and sites were evaluated below. Ongoing monitoring is occurring in collaboration with local watershed groups. If you are interested in monitoring in Atascadero or Green Valley Creek, please call 707-887-7433.

Site Descriptions
GVC120: Upstream a few hundred feet away the creek meanders under a grove of old redwoods.
GVC110: on Green Valley Ranch property off Green Valley Road just past the Harrison Grade turnoff. Near the headwaters, this area is lined with wetland and shrub species but no large trees to provide shade.
GVC090: downstream side of bridge on Bones Rd. Across from Nonesuch School/Farm. Highly incised, V-shaped channel with some mature canopy cover.
GVC070: downstream side of bridge where Green Valley Road crosses Green Valley Creek. A berm keeps the creek from spilling into the adjacent vineyard. Channel is somewhat braided with a large amount of sediment deposited, and has willows and other small to medium sized trees providing some canpoy cover.
GVC045: from bridge on Hwy 116 & Martinelli Rd. Upstream of Rock Quarry.
GVC040: Martinelli Rd, under 1st bridge from Hwy 116. On SE bank of creek. Downstream of Rock Quarry.
GVC 050: On private property belonging to Richard Duben. From a pool the creek flows into a narrow channel 2o feet in length and then broadens out into a wider channel.
GVC030: on Martinelli Ranch property on Marinelli Road northwest of Forestville. Site of recent restoration efforts including tree planting and willow check dams. Poor canopy cover and simplified stream morphology.
GVC010: under bridge on Old River Rd just east of Martinelli Rd near the confluence with the Russian River. Large trees provide good canopy cover.
PUR050: under footbridge – Graton Rd at intersection of Graton & Green Valley Roads. Highly incised stream reach with some canopy cover.

Green Valley Creek Monitoring Plan

Objectives: The focus of this project is to identify pollution sources and problems in water quality, and use data collected to develop fact sheets and educational materials for the general public highlighting best management practices and strategies for reducing pollution.

Why: Sites were chosen according to the following criteria:
• Representative of the areas of the Creek for general creek characterization.
• Could be affected by water pollution resulting from potential erosion from upstream from rock quarries, timber harvests, vineyards or other potential sources.
• Upstream and downstream of ongoing restoration project on the creek.
• Accessibility and ease of use in future citizen monitoring projects.

How: The monitoring program is intended to develop baseline characterization data, document water and habitat quality changes over time and to help establish a scientific basis for land use decisions.

Who: Citizen Monitor Contact: Larry Hanson: (GVC010, 040, 045)
Bob Burke, Larry Hanson, Kimberly Burr
Atascadero Green Valley Watershed Group contact:, or visit their web page.
Graton Water Management Plan, 2007