Laguna de Santa Rosa/Colgan Creek

Laguna de Santa Rosa – Cotati to Sebastopol, CA

A former volunteer stated: “The Laguna at Sebastopol is a great place to experience how human activities affects the water we all depend on for our survival. The Laguna de Santa Rosa is an eco-system that provides information about how two large communities (Santa Rosa and Sebastopol) are affecting our local environment and the ground water we draw from wells.”

If you are interested in monitoring in the Laguna de Santa Rosa, call 707-887-7433

Laguna de Santa Rosa topo map
Laguna de Santa Rosa watershed.

Site Descriptions
LAG030: At a permanent gage behind the Community Center in Sebastopol.
LAG040: At bridge at Todd Rd.
LAG050: At bridge at Llano Rd.
LAG080: At bridge at Stony Point Rd & Rohnert Park Expressway
COL020: Colgan Creek, tributary to the Laguna; North of LAG050 on Llano Rd.; Just north of Wastewater Treatment Plant; on west side of bridge

Citizen Monitor: Jon Pendegraft

2004 Data Report | 2004-2006 Water Quality Report | CCWI Letter on 303d List of Impaired Waterways

Laguna de Santa Rosa Monitoring Plan

Objectives: The focus of this project is to identify pollution sources and problems in water quality, and use data collected to develop fact sheets and educational materials for the general public highlighting best management practices and strategies for reducing pollution. The Laguna de Santa Rosa is a salmonid stream that has been urbanized. Of particular concern is the Sewage Disposal plant in this urban watershed which discharges treated wastewater into the Laguna, resulting in high nutrient levels. Colgan Creek is a tributary to the Laguna de Santa Rosa, and is the closest waterway to the Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.

When: The project’s initial sampling dates for specific sites began in 2003 and 2005:
LAG040: June 20th, 2003
LAG030: January 23, 2003
LAG050: February 18, 2005
LAG080: April 20, 2005
COL020: June 20th, 2003

Why: Parameters were chosen according to general interest to citizen monitors, and relation to erosion impacts. Sites were chosen according to the following criteria:
– Representative of the areas of the Creek for general creek characterization.
– Concerns of water pollution resulting from urban runoff.
– Concerns with flow interference and morphological disturbance due to channelization.
– Safety during high flows.

How: The monitoring program is intended to develop baseline characterization data, document water and habitat quality changes over time and to help establish a scientific basis for land use decisions. Sites and parameters were chosen after discussions with local residents.

The information and data developed will be shared & coordinated with the Laguna Foundation, Sebastopol City Council, State Fish & Game, Federal Fish & Wildlife, County Board of Supervisors and the Planning & Resource Management Department. Quality Control measures will be incorporated in the plan so that the data will be credible.